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An escape, fishing at sea

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Looking for a new escape, sea fishing. The Basque country always responds to your wishes. Holidaymakers but also natives can discover this leisure, either for initiation or to make a passion.

Discovery around the port of ANGLET

When you go around the local animations, you can find some good plans or practice some fun and memorable activities.

The Yacht-Club-Adour-Atlantique (YCAA) offers this leisure at the start of the Marina of Anglet with the help of Bruno, Manager of the Anglet nautical store, who registers the inscriptions.

In groups of 3 to 6 people, with a pilot and a co-pilot, the fishermen leave the port at about 7:30 to go fishing on the slave plateau off Biarritz or "rocks" off the estuary of the Adour. The crew supplies the equipment (rods and baits). And so the budding fishermen are going to try to take bonites, tacit, vivid, mackerel or gilts. The fishing is done trolling or at the bottom with a break for the snack. The return takes place around 1:30.


Information: Anglet nautical, port of Anglet "Brise lame", telephone; 05 59 53 51 91

Address, 110 bis Avenue de l ' Adour, 64600 ANGLET

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