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Maryam Lafargue coach in foreign languages

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Anyone who wading into foreign language learning should meet Maryam Lafargue, a foreign language coach.

Maryam Lafargue and the inspire Academy

By the way, having personally experienced the boring language teaching, I applaud Maryam in her approach.  She ascends her Institute in 2015 and was rewarded with a prize and an endowment from the Union des self entrepreneurs in 2017.

Born in the United States, having grown up in Canada, Maryam Lafargue chooses to move to France to develop a new approach to learning English. His method was inspired by an American method of coaching. Indeed, it proposes situations to progress in the language (by drawing, painting, singing, walking, why not surfing, etc.).

The originality of his method is to draw inspiration from the learning of the mother tongue. This option promotes oral expression and develops self-confidence. Thus this guarantees a faster progress than the old methods. We all know: we learn better in total immersion, having self-confidence to express oneself.

The success and the references arriving, are now 4 coaches who joined Maryam Lafargue, coach in foreign languages. The inspire Academy now offers English, German, Spanish.

Maryam Lafargue, contact

  • Address 25 Allée du Moura, BIARRITZ
  • phone 05 40 07 55 12
  • Mobile 07 78 03 89 86
  • mail contact@inspireacademy.fr
  • http://www.inspireacademy.fr
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